Praise for Saint Somebody

“By the time you’re a few paragraphs into this novel, you’ll feel your heart captured by these kids. A few chapters in, and you won’t be able to put the story down. By the end of the book your faith in kids, the community of the Catholic church (at the grassroots level), and the joy and pain of real learning will be tangible and deep. There is often more truth in fiction, than in the day to day fragments of reality, and this book makes a Christian journey come alive in fresh and compelling ways.”

Mary Hess, Assoc. Prof. of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN
Author of “Teaching Reflectively in Theological Contexts

Feature on Saint Somebody Central Catholic and Tony Lorenzen in the Milford Daily News. 

From a feature on Saint Somebody Central Catholic in the Fitchburg-Leominster Sentineal & Enterprise newspaper: 

Lorenzen’s debut novel “Saint Somebody Central Catholic” was published this year. It follows a theology teacher and the experiences he shares with his students in his first year of teaching.

“It’s not so much about dogma or believing in one religious teaching or another, but more about how much good we could get out of treating each other nicely and trying to take care of each other,” Lorenzen said. “I think you see that come through in the book and I think you also see how institutional religions can work against that instead of helping to foster it.”

An accessible read that engages and touches both the heart and the funny bone.
There is an authenticity of voice that can only come from personal familiarity with the subject matter: teenagers edging into adulthood with all its complexities, the joys and conflicts of every workplace, the unique politics of the Roman Catholic Church, and, most especially trust in the loving ‘Divine’.  Lorenzen’s first work makes me hope he has a second...

– Customer/Reader review, Amazon  Canada

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