About the Book

John Christopher, a married father of two, tells the  tale of his rookie year on the faculty one of the oldest and least prestigious Catholic high schools in Boston.  The narration thematically follows the Christian liturgical year as John  deepens his relationship with the students, with God, and with himself.    Buy the Book!

Meet the Students 

Korey – He doesn’t get the best grades, but is by far the most intellectually gifted student in the school.  Hardened, tough, and brave he forges a new way out of no way for himself at school and on the street.

Yahira – Puerto Rican, razor sharp, smart, and full of attitude, she’s always the center of attention, even when she doesn’t want to be.  Her teachers think they are saving her, but she ends up saving them.

Royale – Fifteen going on nine, Royale comes to school in pink dresses with bows in her hair, struggles with basic skills, and all of her classmates make fun of her. Her mom treats her like a maid and all her talk about her Uncle Pete has the school staff wondering what else is going on for her at home besides washing the floors.

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Meet the Faculty

Ms. Jean – The Haitian chair of the theology department  guides Mr. Christopher through his first year at the school. She calls Mr. Christopher Johnny Sunshine, encourages him to be creative, supports him when he encounters administrative resistance, and admonishes him when he deserves it. 

Mr. Martin – Saint Somebody’s headmaster has seen it all in his decades as a teacher and administrator. Or so he thought until Mr. Christopher arrived.

Mr. O’Grady – Deserving of his reputation as a harsh principle and disciplinarian, he clashes with his faculty as much as his students.  

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